Blindfold Yoga @ Maine Yoga Festival

I was thrilled to teach at the first ever Maine Yoga Fest this past weekend. The workshop I put on was Blindfold Yoga and, you guessed it, focused on the grounding energy to be found when we remove the sense of sight and focus on our sense of self. The really fun thing about Blindfold Yoga is that we’re removing the sense that causes so much worry for many students during a regular yoga practice.

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Maine Yoga Festival

When you take away your sense of sight and arrive on your mat, what remains? Yogis at the Maine Yoga Festival are going to find out in my Blindfold Yoga workshop!

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Love at First Om

“It took me YEARS to understand that what a pose looks like on the outside has nothing to do with its level of “rightness”. It took me years to understand that I couldn’t be pushing all the time. It took me years to get the idea of a balance between effort and ease, years to understand that whether I’m on or off my mat, I don’t always have to be the best.”

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About Amy

Amy Page is a Yoga Alliance Certified vinyasa yoga teacher practicing in and around Portland, Maine. She is available for group classes, workshops, parties, and private or semi-private sessions.