I was thrilled to teach at the first ever Maine Yoga Fest this past weekend. The workshop I put on was Blindfold Yoga and, you guessed it, focused on the grounding energy to be found when we remove the sense of sight and focus on our sense of self.


The really fun thing about Blindfold Yoga is that we’re removing the sense that causes so much worry for many students during a regular yoga practice. Though we strive to remove judgment, to stay present on our own mat, and to focus on how a pose feels rather than how it looks, those things can be really hard to do. Especially when we see the person next to us is more flexible, seems more focused, has a louder ujjayi breath, and on and on. It’s all too easy to lose track of the whole reason why we’ve arrive on our mat in the first place!


By taking away your sense of sight, I’m taking away your ability to look at your neighbor. I’m taking away your neighbor’s ability to look at you. I’m eliminating the possibility that you can see yourself “doing it wrong”. As long as a pose feels good in your body, there is no “wrong” in yoga. Not being able to see means that you have to delve inward to decide if a pose is right for you. How does it really feel?

Amy-Maddy Locust

I find that students are more easily able to sink into relaxing poses, more willing to try a pose that they’d otherwise shy away from, and that it’s much, much easier to laugh at yourself when you know that no one else is laughing at you.

Walking and Talking

A huge thank you to the Maine Yoga Fest for having me – what a wonderful way to bring our yoga community together right here in Portland!


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