I love to play Angus & Julia Stone’s song¬†Bella in my classes during savasana. Though not everyone appreciates lyrics during this time of rest, I find that my students can relax and sink in during this song. It may be the soft voice of Angus Stone, it may be the gently lilting guitar, it may be the actual lyrics, but this song lends itself to visualizations of lazy sunny afternoons lying in the grass with a friend or two.


artwork from CD sleeve

artwork from CD sleeve


And there she sits with them big old fields
Of daisies and rusty mills
And when the sun, it shines on her hair of gold
She’s beautiful, she’s beautiful

The song, as it turns out, is about a childhood friend of the brother-sister duo who died very young. This knowledge makes the sweetly poignant chorus a bit more sad.

Won’t you come on home?
I built us a flying machine
And we’ll go where you want
We’ll sail the seven seas
I hope all is well in Daisy’s dreams

Though it’s wistful, there is also great hope in the words of the song and in the way the music makes you feel. As you let yourself float in savasana, it’s easy to picture those “big old fields”, to see yourself running, jumping, playing.

my mental picture during this song photo credit

my mental picture during this song
photo credit

If the fields fade away, we always have our imagination to fall back on – in the flying machine, or as we sail the seven seas – and in the end, we always have the space in our minds and hearts where we hold love and hope and silence.